About Us

It's Cold Brew, Not Cold Coffee

Java House Coffee Bar opened Spring of 2019. We currently have 2 retail locations in Carmel, Indiana (Clay Terrace and Midtown Plaza). 

If you've ever visited our store, you've experienced what really makes us different - our coffee. But WHY is it different? WHY is it so smooth? WHY is it SO GOOD? Let us tell you - all of our coffee is cold brewed.

Wouldn't that mean all of our coffee would have to be served cold? Nope. Here's how it works.

We brew our coffee in small batches for 12-14 hours over chilled water to brew a coffee concentrate. Sounds like it takes a lot longer than brewing coffee like a normal coffee company... Right? That is correct. We love our coffee and we love making our customers happy so we have no problem taking the time to brew coffee the Java House way.

Now, if you haven't visited us yet, swing in and enjoy a cup of coffee the way its supposed to taste. No bite. No after-taste. No acidity.

Just amazingly smooth, bold yet balanced, coffee.

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